What The Health's a Coach?

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I'll have to say I'm pretty excited about what I'm learning now that I have begun my Health Coaching education.I plan to blog about it from time to time to share with you tidbits of what I'm learning and to hopefully help me digest all of the information that is delivered. 


 As a Personal Trainer I have hands on experience with different populations. Every one of my clients past and present have different goals, desires, needs, and aspirations. This concept is bio-individuality. It simply states that we are all different. We have different body types, genetics, jobs, lifestyles, hobbies, beliefs, different likes and dislikes. The common thread is that we just want to be better. And being better translates differently from person to person. 


When working with others professionally I noticed in me there was always something missing. I believe I am creative, love to geek out on research and develop and execute my ideas, plan workouts, physical assessments and address and plan corrective programing. I get down right excited...really...every time. Bio-mechanics simply fascinate me and I'm in awe of the human body. And, I really like people. 


The "something missing" I mentioned above is based on repeated feedback I receive from many (not all) of my clients. As we would delve into the workouts and progress each week the recurring theme was there were other things in the lives of some of my clients that were anemic or keeping them from realizing the overall "Good Health and Wellness" they wanted to feel . One client in particular over two years ago, said to me that she thought I should "Go into Health Coaching".    I didn't even know what that was.  I'm thankful I took the time to find out exactly what it is. It turns out, it was the "something missing" in my practice of helping people.  


What is a Health Coach? I'll first tell you what it's not. A Health Coach does NOT diagnose, treat or take responsibility for bringing about wellness changes in a clients life. What a Health Coach DOES do is guide and support the development of progress toward personal wellness goals. 


A Health Coach serves to enhance an individual's overall wellness. A Health Coach mentors clients to create and maintain long-term lifestyle changes to enhance their overall wellness. A Health Coach can /does work along side health practitioners and/or refer clients to such if need be.   


So here I go again. Another year committed to year round education and once again I am excited about it! This will be the first time that it's not "all about movement" but maybe instead it will be all about "A Movement". 

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