Bill's Story

Sorry for the time away. I have had a great learning experience  building a new website with the direction and expertise of a few family members. Thank you, Sid, Christopher and Michael. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I attempted to save some previous blog posts and some were lost but I reposted those we managed to save. This is a new post. 

I am writing about an individual that inspires me and I hope that part of his story will inspire you as well. I have known him my whole life. He is my blood brother. Bill.

I am grateful to my bones to have two brothers and two sisters that I adore and respect with my whole heart. They have had a huge impact on my life in different ways. Today I want to share Bill's story.  

Bill and I grew up much like twins. He is older than me but I always felt like he was my baby brother. Maybe in part because I was fiercely protective of him. This post is a bit of his story...this post is about fitness at any age. I'm a believer in it and I think my brother is too. 

After watching my 90 year old mother in acute rehab after a stroke I was amazed, inspired, and shaken a bit to my core. I figured out where my siblings and I get much of our drive from. We are hardwired. Thanks mom, thanks dad. 

Watching her work with a focus that was so intense reminded me of my brother, Bill.

Growing up (and now), that guy never missed a run. I think it was like therapy for him. Bill is a lifelong athlete. We both ran track and played basketball.  Even as kids we had drive. 

Bill is also a runner. That's what he is most known for. As I write this I can imagine him running at 80. Really. 

A few facts about brother Bill.   Age: 57

Marathons - 40+

Triathlons - 70+ 

100K Ultra's: 3  

50 milers - 20

50K runs - 15

High School Football and Basketball Official for 20 years. Bill has officiated numerous State Championship Games in the state of Mississippi. 

Presently Bill is section hiking the Appalachian Trail. He runs a minimum of 5 days a week. Four of those days are deep water running. He recently discovered the benefits of deep water running, and is so amazed by it that he wants to spread his enthusiasm to the running community.

As you can imagine, his body has been beaten up a bit from being a lifelong runner. Many road miles on those joints of his. He decided to try deep water running . He knew he had found something important for his love of running. He had found something to enable him to do what he loves longer. He found an intense workout that spared his body of the pounding. 

Bill's diet is clean whole foods. When I asked Bill if he had any advice for people growing older he replied without blinking an eye, "Stay Fit". "Challenge yourself, Your body will do more than you thought it could. Don't underestimate what your body can do. Don't stop moving". 

What is Bill's drive now? Bill's drive is to be fit so that when he decides to retire, he's fit enough to do the things he wants to do.

I think the point to this post other than to share a story about an athlete I admire is how he found a way. Bill found a way to do what he loves to do. He found a way to stay active. He found a way to stay active because he knew how vitally important movement is to his life. 


Denise Graef