Goal Strategy


Sometimes life happens and the goals we have set for ourselves may seem lost or out of reach. Think New Years Resolutions or the beginning of a new month or season. We talk it up (even if only to ourselves) and we have the best laid out plans. Then somehow our good intentions get hijacked or derailed. It happens to all of us.

Here are a few strategies to help you keep the focus of your goals. 

1) Visualize yourself achieving it. That's right, see yourself xyz. At the very least this practice will help you get clear on what achieving your goal(s) looks like. 

 2 )Weigh NOW against LATER. Think about it. If you do/have this quick little (fill in the blank) NOW for a few minutes of pleasure, at the most , how does it stand up to the feeling of gratitude LATER of accomplishing your goal.  A few minutes worth sacrificing how accomplishment of the goal will feel?

3) Accountability. Find a way to be accountable whether it's telling a friend or family member (who supports you) your goal or possibly someone working on a similar goal. 

4) Make if doable. We have to live life. When a baby begins to walk they don't stand up and start sprinting. They STAND first, then WALK and then finally the RUN.  Bite size pieces. Your goal should be something that is sustainable for YOUR life not what you may have read on the internet. Success breeds success. Whenever you achieve it will give you the inspiration to make new goals and keep the forward momentum. 

5) To quote Nike "Just do it". Sometimes you have to take your brain out of it. We can over plan and over think. Sometimes you just have to quiet the mind, tell yourself it's gonna be okay and follow through. 

6) Surround Yourself With People that are successful at keeping their goals. Be with people that are getting results. You know the saying "Birds of a feather"? It's true in this sense. When you spend time with people who are doers, it's contagious!  

7) Journal/Document, you will be glad you did. There will be times when you reflect back and you will be amazed at how far you have come. 

8) Prepare for Success. Live your life like it's already happening! Preparation breeds confidence. Sometimes we can feel stuck. The "how to prepare" is simply doing one thing towards your goal whether it's preparing your meals for the next day/week, or laying out your workout clothes for the next day. 

9) Positive Mindset. Focus on what you get right. Acknowledge your successes. View apparent failures as experiments that didn't work for you. 

10) Remember why you started. Reflect on why you set the goal(s) you have set in the first place.

Peace and Love.

Denise Graef


Denise Graef