Mike's Story

Meet Mike.

Mike joined the gym in October, 2014 with the hopes of becoming healthier. Mike weighed 235 lbs and in his words, "I was miserable and moaned and groaned whenever I went to simply move from the couch." Mike has Metabolic Syndrome, was on many medications, including cholesterol medication. That's the time he met me. In Mike's words, "Her persistence helped me to be persistent in my exercise and diet program".

My persistence that Mike speaks of  was not as a trainer but as he says, "Denise had RA at a young age and overcame this major obstacle".

Mike lost 50 lbs in ten months. He was taken off his blood pressure medication. Mike has COPD and ran his first 5k and he is fast!

Mike's journey has been tough at times. He didn't always want to work out. He would let his blood sugar get low and then get grumpy. At times he would over train and we had to re-set  his program. But Mike showed up week after week.

Since that time Mike continues to train and stay faithful to his program, which has now become his lifestyle. The results Mike achieved has been through self-discipline and his reason "WHY" stays with him every day.

Yes, Mike had/has Denise as a trainer and now friend.  But more importantly Mike's reason why was enough to keep him faithful to his program.

What's your "Why?"

Denise Graef