Are You Believer?

Are you a believer? 

Growing older is weird. I see the changes. It's interesting. The thought processes are deeper, some wisdom gained. I forget sometimes that my body is getting older. 

Our culture is telling ladies around my age how we should do our makeup and hair, how we should dress and behave because we are getting older. Hmmm. Not sure I'm gonna buy it just yet. I am a rebel at heart. I realize the same is true for young women as well. Who makes up this stuff anyway? Who says ya gotta look like this or that?  Fountain of youth? Really? I don't think you can really buy that. I think that's an inside job. 

I have to say I like the growing older thing because I am thankful to be alive to go through the process and in reality I have so much to be thankful for. SO MUCH

As I continue to train my body to be the best it can be and as I train others I am seeing a theme. Movement is healing and can be addicting.You know,  "A body in motion tends to stay in motion." This is true no matter your age. 

 I have lived my life with movement as a healing addiction  for many years, in fact, most of my life. I am grateful that I can say that. I did have a relatively short stint (it felt like an eternity and sometimes I felt hopeless) of being so ill with Rheumatoid Arthritis that I wasn't moving much. I was in the beginning stages of "the fight" and the "dig deep" and the "one foot in front of the other". It always felt like I had to work three times as hard as my peers just to "be on the level" if that's even a thing. That became my work ethic. 

I have trained and met so many amazing people. I don't use the word amazing lightly. What I'm learning more and more about helping others enjoy movement and  overcome obstacles is that almost all of these people have something significant they are overcoming. It's significant because it matters to THEM. That's a big deal whether you are helping someone or seeking out that sort of support. If it matters to them (or you) then it's important. IT MATTERS and YOU MATTER

Be a believer. In yourself and/or the other person. Society, negative situations or circumstances, negative people, self-serving messages and sometimes your own self talk  will not be a believer in you  and will tell you no, you can't, you are too old, too young, too sick, too tired, too fat, too skinny, too...fill in the blank. 

Shut that crap down. You can. YOU CAN. BELIEVE. BE A BELIEVER. It's easy to say but another to do. I think the self-discipline of "doing" is the most freeing and liberating thing ever. That's strength. That's believing.  You are in complete control of what you do and how you think. BELIEVE. It's a journey.