Holiday Strategies

Holiday Strategies

Sometimes when you have fitness goals the holidays can become stressful. You may even find yourself getting grumpy because of the mental and physical challenges of avoiding the foods that may taste good but actually make you feel bad, or it may taste good but you feel like it will sabotage your goals.

I want to offer a few strategies that may help during the holidays. Pick one or all of them. See what works best for you.
1) Stay active. I am suggesting a walk (or two) on most days of the week. Even a 10-15 minute walk can improve your outlook.

2) Drink an extra glass of water every day. Especially when temptation of the sweet treats arises.  

3) Always have something healthy on hand such as chopped vegetables.

4) Be mindful about the choices you make. Decide ahead of time what indulgences are worth it like the special pie your auntie makes once a year, or that special chocolate treat on Christmas Day.  Write it down if you want so that you have something to look forward to. 

5) Put the holiday focus on fun not food. Remember the special memories, time spent in conversation or games played. What's important at a family gathering? It's the time spent together in conversation and connection instead of what everyone is eating.

6) Make your goals around the holidays realistic. Move your body everyday and eat healthfully but understand that the best plans can sometimes be derailed. Set realistic expectations. This way you will keep your momentum instead of feeling as though you crashed and burned. This is sustainable healthy change. 

7) Email or Facebook Check-ins with your trainer or someone you workout with.   Its accountability and support. Get email, facebook or other contact information from someone that trains with you that you can relate to. This is like having an accountability coach. You can support each other. 

I am happy to be your support/accountability person. My facebook page is Denise Graef Fitness and feel free to pm me. I will post and/or email regularly to help keep you motivated. 
Remember why you began your fitness journey. Remember to breathe, enjoy life, keep moving forward.
Peace and Love

Cold Goose
Denise Graef