Time is Precious

I’m often thinking about what to write. I’m a mover, a doer, a boots-on-the- ground type of person and not really a writer.  Because I work as a personal trainer and health coach, I see and hear a lot from the gym environment.


Sometimes the things I hear spur me into a particular topic.


Time is precious. Your time is precious. We are now early 2018. Are you moving forward? Have you set goals? Are you moving in the direction you are happy with to accomplish those goals? Are you frustrated with where you are? Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others? Is your plan or pace sustainable? Are you taking the time to nurture your soul?

It’s easy in the gym to get both inspired or frustrated, much like reading posts on Facebook and Instagram.


I work in the fitness industry. I marvel at the different ages, needs, body types, goals, and aspirations of the people I see day to day.


There are the ever flowing trending workouts, philosophies of the best way, tribes, communities, every style of weight loss, get in touch with yourself,  new-and-old-school ways to manage your health. 


But what’s right for you may or may not be trending. What’s right for you is personal.

Remember that what works for you this week or month may look a bit different next week or month. Changing things up and experimenting is healthy. Find what works for you. Life is for the living. We can be dedicated and committed without suffocating the very part of us that makes us unique.


Yes, work hard. Yes, commit to your health, workouts, and healthy eating habits. Yes, be okay with trying new approaches with the understanding that not all the ideas or modalities are going to work for you.


There are a few principles that will be sure no matter what approach you take. If you plant, water, nurture, it will grow.




) Have friendships and nurture them.

2) Stay hydrated.

3) Be thankful.

4) Eat fewer processed foods. (Eat real food.)

5) Give

6) Exercise daily. (Move more.)

7) Laugh.

8) Love learning.

9) Challenge yourself.

10) Get enough Rest “SLEEP.”

Enjoy life my friends. Peace and Love

Denise Graef2 Comments