Food For Thought


The body is a machine. A fine, awesome, perfectly made machine. It is designed to heal itself. How great! 

Sometimes there’s a break down. Sometimes illness or disease sets in and the body gets under serious attack. It is designed to heal itself and under the right circumstances it does just that. 

If you have a new car that runs perfectly, when it’s time to give it fuel to go do you give it water? No, that won’t work. What about when it’s time to top it off with oil? Should we use syrup instead? It resembles a nice grade oil. Will that work? No. In fact, that might damage your car. Right? 

What about our bodies. If they need fuel to go what kind of fuel should we use? What about repair? Our bodies are CONSTANTLY under repair. What are we putting in our bodies to aid in repair? 

Here’s a reality check. If it doesn’t help you it can actually hurt you. There is no coasting middle ground. It’s actually proactive or reactive. 

The right circumstances for healing are 1) What you put in your body to nourish, protect and aid. 2) Exercise, movement (this doesn’t have to be the ‘kill yourself’ workout). 3)Rest (good night’s sleep and enough of it). 4)Meditative prayer (whatever that looks like for you). And I will add number 5) Giving. Get outside of yourself. 

Sound simple? It is. Easy? Probably not. Change is hard. There may be a million reasons for your mind to rebel against self-discipline. But...who’s in charge of you? You...right? 

If you have a big enough reason “why” it becomes  sustainable and the payoff is worth it. The payoff is a vibrant, whole, healthy you! 

Know that it takes time, patience and determination. Sometimes you may need support. Call a friend that will encourage you, go to the gym and work with a trainer, maybe participate in a class or hire a Health Coach. 

You are worth it. Peace and Love. 

Denise Graef